Stage 1 Edit

A hulking humanoid figure over 7 feet tall. Abomination is simple minded, his attention focused on the nearest available target. To make up for this, Abomination has grafted two Dust modified turrets onto his own massive shoulders to deal with targets that he usually ignores.

Stage 2 Edit

Abomination’s Fissure Turret is destroyed. Abomination begins being swarmed by grotesque “Drones” that burst from the ground and crawl toward its feet.

Drone Edit

A grotesque, semi-humanoid creature. Some of its limbs are withered, and it oozes a grey liquid as it limps towards Abomination. Always moves 20ft then attacks the ground at its feet with Fissure.

Stage 3 Edit

Abomination’s Smash Turret is destroyed, and he enters a blood rage.