Assets are a means for Characters to have a feeling of progression that lasts between sessions. Assets are presented to characters after a major combat encounter, generally after fighting a difficult Advanced Enemy. Assets are limited to one per character per encounter. Every Character may possess multiple assets, but only one can be used in a given encounter. Each time an Advanced Enemy is defeated, a single asset “drops”, generally following a common theme of the enemy defeated. Some assets have similar functions to weapon modifications or Dust, but have unique properties or mechanics that make them incompatible with standard character creation. Assets are not always objects, and can instead be a more abstract concept like favors.

Abomination: Sentry Turret Edit

Once in an encounter a single Character may place an automated sentry turret that acts on their turn. The Turret cannot move, but draws attention to itself as if it were a character. The Character who placed the Turret rolls its attack and defense checks, using its attributes rather than their own. The turret has no Aura, and can only roll the single given bonus to defense. When Turret is destroyed it cannot be used again until making an AGI+DIS repair check of 25.

Health: 5 Attack: +7 - Machine Gun Defense: +3 - Armor

Deadeye: Whisper Rounds Edit

Characters add Whisper Rounds to their available forms of Dust even if they do not currently have any Dust. Whisper Rounds make no discernable sound outside of a radius of 50ft around the shooter. Whisper Rounds are considered a form of Pink Dust.

Twins: DJ Helmet Edit


A large and top heavy helmet worn by Junior’s DJ. This helmet is about two feet across and resembles the head of a teddy bear. While wearing the helmet, Characters are completely unaffected by all sonic attacks and Pink Dust effects, but their PER is temporarily reduced to 0.

Example Assets Edit

  • Thermal scope that can see through thin walls.
  • Jump pack that allows movement in three dimensions freely.
  • Exotic Dust crystal that holds affected targets in temporal stasis for 1 round.
  • Deep diving gear for water breathing.
  • Bumblebee motorcycle.
  • Deployable hologram.
  • Bullhead pilot on retainer.