Sadly, sheer tenacity is not a Base Attribute.

Base Attributes are the primary definitions of a Character. By looking at their attributes it can easily be discerned what they are good at and what they struggle with. Players rank their six attributes from 5 to 0, with 5 being the attribute the Character is most adept, and 0 being the least. These numerical rankings are the number that is added to Skill Checks. Every Character is good at some things, but none are good at everything.

Strength (STR) Edit

Represents the Character’s ability to manipulate the world through physical effort. STR is primarily used in melee attack rolls for accuracy and damage. Any checks that involve the Character trying to physically overpower an obstacle use STR.

Agility (AGI) Edit

Represents the Character’s ability to move quickly or precisely. AGI is primarily used for ranged weapon accuracy. Checks that require sudden and rapid movement; or fine, precision movements use AGI.

Endurance (END) Edit

Represents the Character’s stamina and durability. END primarily determines Health. Checks that involve withstanding a hazard or maintaining effort over a long period of time use END.

Perception (PER) Edit

Represents the senses, and the strength of their Aura. PER primarily determines the strength of the Character’s Aura, and is used in all defense checks. Checks that require a keen eye or the ability to pick up on hidden clues use PER.

Willpower (WIL) Edit

Represents the Character’s ability to influence the world with their mind, and also contributes to the Character’s Aura, but does not directly correlate with its strength. WIL is used mostly for Semblance checks, and can also be used for more mundane influence, such as lying or bribing.

Discipline (DIS) Edit

Represents the Character’s study and experience. DIS is primarily used to determine Capacity and Complexity of a Character’s weapon. DIS is used for all Dust checks to bend the substance to the Character’s desires. Checks that require a clear mind and controlled thoughts are DIS checks.