Grimm are the greatest persistent threat to humanity and faunas, and are the primary targets of Huntsmen and Huntresses. They are bestial in nature, but observation has proved that they feed not out of necessity, but out of desire. They are attracted to negative energy: anger, sadness and greed. When Grimm are killed they evaporate, leaving no trace behind. Grimm are also considered both living and inanimate material for the purposes of Armor-Piercing and Anti-Personal dust rounds.

Basic Enemies may make up to two actions in a turn. These may be a movement, an attack or an active special ability. Passive special abilities are unaffected by Confusion.

Basic Enemy movement is 25ft per action, unless otherwise noted.

Enemies are less creatures and more obstacles. Every aspect of them is a fixed number that players roll against. All Enemies do fixed damage, they either hit or they don’t. In the tables below, under “attacks” will be a split number. The first number indicates what players must roll for their Defense check to pass unscathed, the second is how much damage the attack does. Ties are always won by players.

Basic Enemies have an effective Turn Order on ½ numbers, so that they never act at the same time as players. When large numbers of enemies are in play at once, the initiative number only determines when the first group can act.

For each level of RoC higher than a Basic Enemy that the characters are, it is appropriate to increase the total enemies for the encounter by 1 group. Enemies within a group are spread evenly throughout the turn order, and every time a new group is added, they stack on top of the previous group, even if the size of the groups are 1. When two enemies of the same type attack the same target at the same time, they are treated as a single entity which has an attack equal to +5 of the base creatures.

Players rolling attacks against Basic Enemies are awarded bonuses upon defeating the monster’s defenses by a given threshold. All bonuses for defeating a Basic Enemy’s defenses stack.

Defense ThresholdsEdit

+5 Bonus Damage
+10 Maximize Damage
+15 Instantly Kill Target
+20 Kill Multiple Targets

Bonus damage varies by enemy type, this is added on top of the natural damage from the base 1d6 and any RoC bonus damage.

Maximize damage treats all damage dice that would be rolled, including Bonus Dice from defeating a defense by 5, automatically as a 6.

Instantly killing a target immediately reduces its Health to 0

Killing Multiple targets immediately reduces the health all enemies adjacent to the target that have a defense equal to or lower than the target’s defense to 0.

Elder Grimm Edit

Grimm can grow to become truly ancient behemoths. Elder Grimm have become larger than their “fully grown” brethren, and are significantly more intelligent. To make a Grimm an Elder, modify its abilities accordingly. The “Elder” template can be added multiple times.

Lesser Grimm Edit

Lesser Grimm are still growing. Somewhere in their life cycle between being a Minor Grimm and fully grown.


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