Deadeye’s ranged attacks are second to none. His Semblance is “Teleport”. He teleports between 6 landmarks, “Church”, “Hospital”, “Dome”, “School”, “Library”, and “Statue”. Deadeye wields an ancient looking, wood plated, anti-tank rifle. Deadeye can only make a single attack in a round, and instead of moving, uses his semblance to teleport to a different landmark.

Character movement in Deadeye’s Nest is also different, rather than using conventional distance increments in feet, players instead declare which landmark they are standing below, and which landmark they are taking cover from. Characters cannot be targeted by Deadeye while he is in those two landmarks. Changing which landmark is being stood beneath takes 2 actions, while changing what landmark they are taking cover from is 1 action. Characters can move inside a landmark they are standing beneath for 1 action, and be standing in one of Deadeye’s positions. Characters standing on one of Deadeyes positions can always be hit by Deadeye in any of his other posts, but Deadeye will use his bayonet if a character is standing in the same landmark as him.

For Example: A character declares that they are standing beneath Church and taking cover from School. While Deadeye is in those two positions, the player cannot be targeted, however once he teleports to Library, the character is available for attacks.