Derived Statistics are determined using the Base Attributes. They are fixed pools that slowly decrease as various actions are taken. Each Derived Statistic has a unique effect when its value reaches 0.



Health is the amount of physical damage a Character can withstand before succumbing to their wounds. When Health reaches 0, the Character is knocked unconscious and left at the mercy of their enemies. Health is only recovered through medical attention.



"The energy that protects you now is your own. You have a lot of it."


Aura is the physical manifestation of the soul. Every human and Faunas generates an Aura, however

Huntsman and Huntresses have been trained in its use specifically. Aura is an extra layer of protection for its user, and is depleted when attacks cannot be avoided. A Character can also attempt to influence the world around them with their Aura in the form of a Semblance. When Aura reaches 0, PER cannot be added to defensive rolls and Semblance uses cannot be attempted. Aura is fully recharged by not performing any strenuous action for 1 hour.

Aura ChecksEdit

Aura Checks are how Characters tap into their Aura to overcome obstacles. All Aura Checks are rolled one attribute at a time. The first attribute rolled is the “Primary” attribute, the second being the “Secondary” attribute. When making an aura check, the Primary attribute is rolled against the difficulty threshold, and if it succeeds the check ends there. If the Primary stat is not sufficient, the Character’s Aura is reduced by one and the Secondary attribute is added, effects from this point forward vary between Active and Defensive Aura checks.

The exact function and effect of Aura checks depend on whether it is an active or defensive checks. Active Aura checks are used when the Character attempts to use their Semblance or heal allies’ wounds. These use WIL checks as the Primary attribute, and the secondary attribute depends on the action attempted. Defensive Aura checks are used any time the character would come to harm. The Primary attribute for these rolls depend on how the Character plans to overcome a hazard, the secondary attribute being PER to determine the resiliency of the character’s Aura. Active Aura Checks are explained more in depth on the Semblance page. Defensive Aura Checks are explained further on the Defensive Rolls page.



Capacity is the amount of ammunition and dust a Huntsman’s or Huntress’ weapon can hold before needing to reload. Using Ranged attacks or Dust depletes Capacity. Characters are considered to have an infinite amount of ammunition on their person, but a finite amount of ammunition in a given magazine. If a Character possesses Dust, only one form is declared per reload. A Character may choose to use mundane ammunition as normal instead of the currently equipped dust. When Capacity reaches 0, the character cannot use ranged attacks or Dust. Capacity is completely filled every time the character spends an action to reload.