Sometimes players want to test themselves against each other. The rules of combat are slightly different. First off, there are two ways to run player combat, Balanced and Unbalanced. In Balanced Combat, RoC is homogenized, and is the same for everyone, in Unbalanced Combat, each player (or team) has its own RoC score, and must compete to keep from falling behind.

A key change to both types is turn order is held in descending order of PER score, in the event of a tie use AGI, and if the result is still the same, the combatants roll off to determine who is first. Damage is also modified. Players never roll damage against each other. Instead, damage is set at 3 for melee attacks, and 2 for ranged attacks. Both of these damage numbers go up by 1 for each additional level of RoC, for example, a melee attack with 3 levels of RoC does 6 damage.

When players attack they roll the relevant offensive attribute, and the defending player makes a defense roll as normal, the higher number succeeding, with ties going to defender.

In Unbalanced Combat, Natural Rolls of 20 and 2 do not modify RoC.

Sanctioned matches are usually fought to 1 health, but there are other “official” rules such as, Aura Break (Aura reaches 0), First Blood (Health takes 1 point of Damage), and KO (Health reaches 0).