I'm pretty sure Emerald's been using loaded dice for her Sleight of Hand rolls...

Skill Checks are a combination of two Base Attributes, using their ranking as a modifier to add to the character’s d10 rolls. Every named check given here is the epitome of the attributes associated with it; the attributes are the important part of every skill check, not the name. There are infinite skill checks that can be attempted, and these are designed to give an idea of the relevant abilities to make them possible.

Stats Skills
STR+AGI Acrobatics
STR+PER Grapple
STR+WIL Intimidate
STR+DIS Sunder
AGI+END Athletics
AGI+WIL Sleight of Hand
AGI+DIS Stealth
END+PER Resistance
END+WIL Performance
END+DIS Fortitude
PER+WIL Influence
PER+DIS Detection
WIL+DIS Wealth