Pronunciation "Caesar"
Affiliation Haven Academy
Color Purple
Leader Clementine DuRenge
Member 2 Sanguine Dour
Member 3 Elise Candice
Member 4 Rusty Korr

Relationships Edit

Clementine and Sanguine: Sanguine wants to get along with Clementine, but she distrusts him due to his Grimm Eye.

Clementine and Elise: Elise wants everyone to get along, but Clementine mistakes her camaraderie for attempts to usurp her leadership, and so they don't get along well.

Clementine and Rusty: Clementine and Rusty get along very well, as Rusty is very loyal to his team, and is quick to execute plans.

Sanguine and Elise: Elise is the only person who gets along well with Sanguine, as her past experiences with being discriminated against as a Faunus prevent her from discriminating against others, even for having the eye of a Grimm.

Sanguine and Rusty: While the two don't know each other well, Rusty immediately disliked Sanguine due to his losing his father to a Grimm, as Sanguine's Grimm Eye reminds him of his father's death.

Elise and Rusty: Elise and Rusty aren't very familiar with each other, but work together efficiently as a team despite that, with no reason to have any inherent dislike of each other.

Combination Techniques Edit

Clementine and Rusty - Tracer Rounds Edit

Clementine throws a clip to Rusty, and he uses his Semblance to manipulate all of the bullets within, shooting them at the opponent with all the speed of a bullet, but with the capacity to change direction and follow enemies, at the cost of Rusty expending his Aura to prolong his control.

Sanguine and Elise - Grim Joust Edit

Elise uses her Semblance to reduce her weight as much as possible, and is then picked up on the blade of Grim Harvest by Sanguine. He tosses her onto the top of the scythe, then fires two phials of Violet Dust to throw Elise into the sky. Elise then falls lance-first onto an opponent, generally using the opportunity to mark the opponent with a Beacon Crystal.

Elise and Rusty - Undermine Edit

Elise uses a Freeze Crystal to freeze an opponent's legs to the ground, preventing them from moving, at which point Rusty rushes them with a combination attack using Bleed Crystals and Buzzkill. Elise considers this technique underhanded and dishonorable, and will only use it in dire situations, or when someone makes her extremely angry.