Welcome to the Unofficial RWBY Tabletop Game Wikia

This wiki is intended for players of the Unofficial RWBY Tabletop Game who want to share their characters and campaigns allowing others to use your PCs and NPCs as NPCs in their own sessions, or take their characters for a spin through your campaign. Or maybe you want to play the game in the chat. That's always a fun way to show off characters!

I am aware the RWBY Fanon wiki exists, and it serves its purpose, but that wiki's guidelines are far too restrictive for a great many URTG characters, with significant conflicts existing with the Dusts that are actually canon and those present in URTG, as well as issues with URTG's focus on the Rule of Cool.

There is no one official "canon" for URTG in the sense that there is one for the RWBY Fanon wiki. There will be no moderation based on how "canonical" a character is. Hell, my URTG PC has a Grimm eye. That's pretty non-canonical.

Instead, characters will be moderated based on balance. The important thing about tabletop games is that if it's not balanced, it's not fun. You can't make a character god and expect an enjoyable tabletop experience. As such, I will be moderating new additions to this wiki, and if I deem a character to be "unbalanced", I'll either suggest a means of balancing, or ask the poster if they can think of a way to balance the character without screwing too much with what makes the character unique.

However, if your character gets tagged with "unbalanced", much like if he's tagged with "rejected" on the fanon wiki, that doesn't mean you have to change your character if you don't want to. Effectively, my deciding a character is "unbalanced" means that I wouldn't allow it at my sessions. If your GM doesn't mind, so be it. And if you want to use an unbalanced character as an NPC in your session of URTG, go for it!

The only real requirement is that any and all huntsmen and huntresses posted to this wiki must have all the necessary stats to be used in URTG.

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