Huntsmen and Huntresses are trained, employed, and paid by the Kingdom they live in. Their primary function is the protection of the Kingdom from the forces of Grimm, but many are often hired for scouting, law enforcement and diplomatic relations. Huntsmen and Huntresses enjoy a level of fame and status, and most of their worldly needs such as housing, transport, and sustenance are covered by the state. However sometimes, characters find themselves in need of certain goods and services not otherwise provided, in which case a wealth check is rolled.

Wealth checks are a way to keep the management of a character’s finances from getting as complicated as actually balancing a checkbook. The wealth check takes into account their commission from the state, and day-to-day expenses.

A measure of a character’s wealth is in the form of a WIL+DIS bonus, the ability to influence others through experience and study. Any time a character wishes to make a purchase of goods, they roll this bonus against a threshold that the GM has set as to the difficulty to acquire those goods, as with any other check. Cost is not the only factor of this threshold, scarce and illegal goods have higher difficulties, and any time the characters have come across a windfall temporarily decreases it. Characters who exceed the threshold of a given purchase acquire the given item or service, and those who fail simply don’t have the funding available at this time. Depending on the cost of the purchase, the amount of time needed to wait to before trying again varies. Purchases requiring a 15 need to only wait a day or so to check again, while 25 and over can take a significant amount of time. Barely exceeding a given check, represents using most of the funds available, and may increase subsequent checks until a suitable amount of time has passed.

Example Wealth ChecksEdit

15: Purchase of small luxury items like clothes or entertainment.

20: Bribing a bouncer at Junior’s Club

25: Buy Junior’s silence

30: Purchase tickets for an exclusive gathering

35: Purchase a personal vehicle with cash

40: Bribe a Central Council member of Remnant.